Public Discord - Again (Late 2019 Update)

Hey 0x00ers!

So we have discussed it and we have decided to make the 0x00sec Discord now public.

You can join here :slight_smile:

Looking forward to chatting with all of you!


If possible open a Telegram Chatting Group. Because most of the people like us are now using Telegram
Confused about https://t (dot) me/ir0x00sec (Official/Not)

Greetings, BL4CKH47H4CK3R

This is not official and nothing to do with 0x00sec.

Amazing, see you online.

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Ayyyy, a discord now, I joined a long while ago but forgot my login, so here I am again!

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I’ll have to check it out.


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Not much of a Discord user so apologies if I’m doing something silly. Tried following TFM but ‘!agree’ doesn’t seem to do anything and I’m stuck in purgatory. Halp?

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The bot as having an issue - anybody else having this issue please DM me on Discord and I’ll fix it for ya!


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