Pwning/Reversing Challenges


Since I’ve noticed quite a lot of interest in low-level stuff from the community recently, especially on IRC when it comes to reversing/exploit dev, below you’ll find some pwning/reversing challenges that I’ve enjoyed playing over the past months.

Note: I won’t be referring to the ones everyone is talking about ( i.e overthewire, smashthestack etc ) since they are kinda getting “old” in my opinion.


HackCenter - These challenges are hosted by CMU (Carnegie Mellon University). I highly recommend those. Here’s one of the many reasons.

LSE CTF - @IoTh1nkN0t and I have been playing around with the ‘crackmes’ category of that website. They are quite decent and the difficulty level increases quite fast. They’ve got pwning/shellcode/web/crypto/forensics as well.

microcorruption - Really fun reversing challenges with an exceptional GUI. It gets you in the process of researching since the “binaries” are using a different ISA from the one you’re probably used to. / - I think the title says it all.

picoCTF - Not sure if @0x00pf has anything to do with it ;). Either way, these challenges are at the level of high school CTFs and they are highly recommended for CTF beginners. I believe they are hosted by PPP. If you don’t know PPP, you should definitely google them.

RPISEC - This is an open course on Modern Binary Exploitation with lectures slides and quite a lot of reversing/pwning challenges.

protostar - From basic to slightly intermediate exploit dev challenges with source code provided for each level. If you are stuck with any of the challenges, you should 100% check out LiveOverflow on youtube.

Oh well, I think these are more than enough for now. If you’ve got more suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comment section.

Hack fun,
~ @_py


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Which would reccomend to me @_py? A very basic level reverse engineer/smash stacker?



@pry0cc: Protostar and microcorruption. Start with microcorruption though because the GUI will get you hooked imo.


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I started micro corruption but it made me feel pretty uncomfortable because of the GUI. I want to learn in a quite practical setup, so that my skills can be transferred to other things.



a few of those are new to me. I’ll definitely check them out if free time allows to do so. Thanks!



I liked microcorruption because it felt like a fun game and not that much as a pure task to complete. If it’s not your style then check out protostar and use LiveOverflow’s channel as a reference ( the binary hacking series ). He’ll get you up to speed quite fast.

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+1 for a bunch I’ve never seen before!



I take that back, I know the dude behind I think. The rest are new to me though.

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I never heard of them ! Thanks for sharing ! :slight_smile:

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