Quantum programming CTFs

I’m wondering if anyone here has any experience in quantum programming? An owner of a CTF site was wondering if it would be possible for me (using python and Qiskit) to program “something” capable of completing one of their CTF challenges. I was thinking maybe trying one of their crypto challenges, they were thinking maybe a programming challenge. Honestly don’t know if this type of thing is even possible. This isn’t a “fully functional” script, but it’s a simple example of some type of integration between Qiskit and Python

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I have some experience lmk if u need help I’ll try my best(although I’ll admit I’m not the greatest) but if you want a reference for Qskit CTF challenges IBM does a yearly competition that has a ton of really great puzzles

I would actually like the reference you mentioned. I don’t think I’ll need help, unless you know how to write a script that will utilize quantum programming to be able to handle standard cryptography.

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