Question about porting Wifi Pineapple firmware

So I recently got a cheap OpenWRT Router from gear best with the hopes of turning it into a wifi pineapple type device. After looking around a bit I stumbled across this Wifi Pineapple firmware port for the GL-AR150 router and was wondering if it would be possible to do the same for my WT3020h? I’m really new to hardware stuff and wouldn’t even know where to begin when trying to port a firmware like this so hopefully someone could give me a little insight on it.

Hi @0xff7

At first glance looks like your WT3020H uses a different SoC (MediaTek MT7620N). The GL-AR150, on the other hand has, apparently, the same SoC than the pineapple (Atheros AR9331), so I bet you cannot proceed as per the link you found.

You can get the pineapple firmware and extract it (using the tool mentioned in the link or binwalk -e). Then copy one of the binaries (and maybe some libs) into your OpenWRT router and try to run it. If it works then, you may have a chance…

I do not own any of the mentioned devices so I cannot really say much more :frowning:
Hope this helps

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Ahh yea that makes sense. Ohh well I guess this gives me a reason to try and put something of my own together for it

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Question answered.