Question on your need to be known

Do any of you keep your hacking/security activities completely cut off from the other parts of your life? ie could you be a “hacker” and never tell anyone?

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Yes of course otherwise if you didn’t that would be dumb

Yeah don’t see why not

It depends. Some people chose to segment things out more than others. Plenty of security researchers and professionals are fairly public figures. Other don’t make it as obvious. What you chose to do is up to you really.

Is this how you operate? Can you elaborate without giving personal information?

But do you do it? I think it is quite difficult to actually accomplish in practice.

Agreed. Whats worked for me SOFAR is just to talk to the “important people”

You aint gonna tell the bitch next door that you have some malware but you might tell a malware spreader that you have new stuff lined up

In a nutshell talk to people when you gain from it

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