Quick SxSW debrief

(Full Snack Developer) #1


  • No talks, but I did hang out on the trade show floor and see some awesome booths.
  • NASA booth was amazing.
  • Everyone was crowded around the CIA booth for some weird reason.
  • Facebook Live was conspicuously crammed into a small booth way off in the corner, away from the action.
  • Went to the IEEE Hack for Humanity party (involved with that in a way I can talk about later)
    • At said party, sat down and had an hour-long, private chat with Vint Cerf, the Chief Scientist at Dolby, a journalist from TED, and a data scientist from NASA.
      • Remembering the 0x00sec conversation about humanities and liberal arts, I asked Vint his opinion. He said those who disregard liberal arts and humanities are idiots.
      • He told me to follow up with him in an email about some other things because he wants to hear what I have to say.
  • This awesome group called Two Bit Circus was hosting the party with lots of amazing, nerdy interactive exhibits but I was too giddy from meeting Vint to pay much attention.
  • I did however get a margarita made by a robot bartender. It was terrible. We have a long way to go in that department.


  • More trade show. Notable booth: Startup called SnapBud(?) that lets you take a picture of your marijuana bud and let their computer vision service diagnose problems with your grow.
  • Went to a talk by two of my friends and coworkers at my consulting firm, Quite Uncommon.
  • Went to a talk by Dr. Jeffrey Heer, who runs the Interactive Media Lab at Washington State. The IML produced d3.js, DataWrangler, and other data vis tools.
    • Snagged Dr. Heer after the talk and got to chat with him for 20-30 mins on a number of things, including visualizing 2D data in a 3D space
  • Back to the trade floor where I played with some amazing AR/VR tech.
  • Best BBQ brisket of my life that night


  • Gave my talk
  • Ran to catch my plane

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #2

Wow. I have to get there at least once in my life! :stuck_out_tongue:

([email protected] [email protected]) #3

Oh man that sounds like so much fun. I wonder how it compares to Defcon or Schmoocon! I’ll definately have to go sometime.

(Full Snack Developer) #4

It’s not a sec conference, that’s for sure. I was disappointed by the lack of infosec stuff there.

(Security Architect & Founder) #5

Sounds really really cool. You seemed to talk to a lot of important people with big names right?

Also. I watched your talk on twitter and it was really good.

(Full Snack Developer) #6

I was fortunate to go with some well connected people, so I got to use those connections to meet other folks.