Rabbit Hole - simple node graph creator

Hello all.

I’m a fairly visual person when handling information - I get a great deal out of visualising it and it helps me keep track of routes which have not been fully explored. I’ve been using Maltego (Community Edition) to map some of the Hack The Box machines but I’ve both run into issues with the mandatory logging in and with the limitation of having processors return a maximum of 12 nodes.

I’ve decided to create something which provided me with the functionality I needed and that I could expand as required.

I thought I’d share it with you in case it is of use to other people. It works both for Windows and Linux, and can be downloaded from here: https://gitlab.com/hostile.node/rabbithole

Windows prebuilt binaries are available here: https://pedro-nunes.net/downloads/Rabbit_Hole_0.1.zip

I’m planning on allowing users to create new custom nodes, as well as extend it so scripts (Python, likely) can create new nodes on the fly, such as e.g. nmapping an address.

Let me know if you find it handy or if you have any thoughts :slight_smile:

– hostile.node


this is very cool.
I’ve been just sketching in my notebook up to now
this looks like it could be rather complimentary to at least help keep track of routes

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Hello again.

I’ve released an update for Rabbit Hole, with some usability improvements I’ve implemented as I keep making use of it on a day-to-day basis.

The new major feature is being able to import Nmap logs: create a new “IP address” node, right click on it and then import the Nmap XML log and it will automatically populate the graph with all relevant nodes.

The source can be downloaded from the project page: https://gitlab.com/hostile.node/rabbithole