Ransomware/Crypto key help

Hey I’m currently developing a “joke” ransomware, But I’m unsure if I’m storing the key good enough…Firstly it’s AES-256 encryption.
Basically i’m storing “parts” of the key in the program’s strings (Like (%lots_of_random_preset_chars%_%Computer_name_processor_count%+%lots_of_random_preset_chars%)

There are two of those and a random 32 char string, genned in an XML setting file (saved on the PC), and then Rot13’d and finally SHA256 hashed, so the key goes like (part2)(part1)(part3) => Rot13 => sha256

Or would I be better off using the SHA256’d result to encrypt a randomly genned 256 Bit key on the PC? Also, i’m using a 27 Bit salt on the AES

What is the purpose of that “joke” ransomware ? :slight_smile:
This stinks man…


It contains a “puzzle” that the users must play in order for the program to decrypt the files, lol

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