Reading Material ( Just for Fun ;) )

Reading Material (Just for Fun :wink: )

Hey, Thirsty Robot here. I’m back, not with my quantum computing series (I’m about to finish part 2, I’ve been having a ton of work), but with some txts I’ve found and would love to share with you. Have a look, and I hope they are useful for you :wink:



This are some of the things I’ve been reading for the past months. Hope they are useful for you. Most of this information is “outdated”, but still interesting. The quantum computing post will come up in 2 days or so. Hope you enjoy…

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Interesting texts, thanks for sharing!

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Damn, there is an interesting video of the guy who made textfiles, if any one is interested
Also thanks for sharing and reminding me that this still exists.


Hey thanks, didn’t know textfiles at all ! I found this collection of zines : - in a somewhat similar spirit.


From reading some of those textfiles, I have to say there seems to be a lot of gatekeeping in hacker culture that stems from its inception. We can’t stop people from using a label, why try to exclude others and tell them they’re not ‘real’ hackers?


I think it stems from not fitting in elsewhere and wanting to feel like one has that sort of control over someone else to make up for it. Being a nerd used to be a lot tougher back in the day.


The information in textfiles has a lot of nostalgic and historical value. For educational purposes and technical understanding of modern systems and attack methods, IMO there is very little than can be gained.

I will attempt to list some resources that while technically outdated (some more than others), may still prove useful for understanding fundamental concepts:
Smashing the stack for fun and profit - Basic stack overflow walkthrough
Once upon a free() - dlmalloc unlink() heap exploitation
Phrack (Still alive and kicking :slight_smile: )
VXHeavens (Shut down but mirrors are available for download)
Zines like 29A
CoreLAN Windows exploitation tutorials
mr_me Heap overflow for humans - WinXP heap exploitation


Phrack has always been one of my favorite sources, I owe my interest in software exploitation to them. Their coverage on stack protection techniques and overflow vulnerabilities are priceless:

Bypassing StackGuard and StackShield
Scraps of notes on remote stack overflow exploitation (more bypassing techniques)
Exploiting Non-adjacent Memory Spaces
Shared Library Redirection via ELF PLT Infection
IA64 Shellcode
Runtime binary encryption
Advanced return-into-lib© exploits

The list of well written informative articles goes on and on and on… if you have some spare time give them a read.


Thanks for sharing, i will read them as soon as I have time :slight_smile:

Interesting links, thanks for sharing

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