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Hi, dmcxblue here.

So just letting know that I started a Gitbook in regards for Red Teaming stuff, it’s just some stuff to help me understand this area a little more better, what a better way then to try and teach people in an area you are totally unfamiliar with… According to my sense, just enough info that I can teach it myself. It’s based frequently on the ATT&CK MITRE Framework with some examples. I know some other people have done this already and there job look’s incredible. But just trying to give it a shot and it also help’s somebody just the way it helped me. As Red Team topics are plentiful and always changing, such as techniques and tactics and such just how amazing these adversaries manage to just move around a network without being detected and the new techniques that researcher’s always find. Well enough typing and more hacking.
Suggestions are welcomed, please let me know if there are more things I can make this book better.




you website is working renew it, just a reminder or update it with new domain and let me know

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Thanks, got it fixed
Been ridiculously broke lately, should be working fine now.

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This blog looks dope, puts mine blog design to shame lmao

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Haha Thank you but it’s nothing crazy. Just using the Free themes available. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great Introduction to Red Team book. Hope when this pandemic is all over, i can start my own red team.

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just went through that again. i learned something new. i wasn’t aware of the .scr files as a payload option.

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