Remote hack windows 10

Hi, I hope you are doing okay.
I have a question please, I am new to hacking, and I learned a few stuff on TryHackMe, I learned how to exploit and run a “malware” one windows 7 just by using the IP adress of the windows 7 and finding a vulnerability. But I was unable to do the same on my second windows 10 pro PC, do you have tips please ?

Thank you in advance


to be honest i didn’t understand quite well what u did right there but from what i understand you found a vulnerability on an outdated version of windows 7 and was able to exploit it so i very much doubt that you’ll find the same vulnerability on windows 10.
or if you generated a malware and sent it to a machine running windows 10 you may wanna check if the payload you used is compatible with windows 10 or if it is able to bypass windows defender etc.

hope it helped

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