Removing the sub-categories?

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I was looking at the way posts have been organized by users lately, and I noticed some articles faced a dilemma, they don’t fit into any one box perfectly, a CTF writeup is not a tutorial, it’s an article. So writers face a difficult decision when categorizing. The same goes for users who are looking for articles.

Take a look at

Over half the articles aren’t in a sub-category.

How do we fix this? I am suggesting we should remove the sub-categories, and just keep the parent ones. That way writers can be a little lazy. I am not saying this is ideal, just a suggestion. I am completely open to other suggestions or even a damn right shut down with reasoning. Throw it all at me . What should we do?

New Poll

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  • Delete the sub-categories
  • Keep them
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I am open to this because I’m tired of recategorizing stuff!

Yes, remove them. Make categorizing great again.


Should we make this a poll? And public?

removing the sub categories should be fine imho.
If a topic is related to Exploit development in any way it should be put in that (main) category.
If it’s a tutorial on top of that one could tag it like that (if the author is a nice and responsible person :slight_smile: ).

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Instead of getting rid of sub categories completely… maybe add proper way to categorize in the Code of Conduct and if a user doesn’t follow the code, unlist it for a time and send a message instead? Just a suggestion.


Hmmm yes. Tags would be very good.

This. I am also in favor of removing sub-categories and using tags appropriately. Turn existing sub-categories into a set of default tags, maybe?

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Aren’t all sub-categories already available as tags? Removing sub-categories sounds pretty reasonable considering you can still categorize it the same way by just using tags (but in a less confusing way as you wouldn’t have tags that may or may not include the sub-category in addition to the sub-category).