[Requesting] cPanel exploits


(None Of Your Damn Business :')) #1

I’m looking for some help on how to exploit a cPanel and gain the admin’s username and password.
I already have the link to the cPanel, just need to know how to exploit it.
Any ideas?
Note; I have Win10 and Kali Linux, so an exploit running on either would work, thanks
Note; Yes, it’s my own cPanel, stop freaking out, it’s really just to test the security of my website


i think brute force is the easiest way

(None Of Your Damn Business :')) #3

I’m a full out newbie, any idea how I could find a brute force for cPanels? Thanks

(Zangi Name) #4

best way is to try and phish out the email’s password connected to domain then go to the host to reset password, your best bet! if you are lucky enough the registrant email won’t be hidden!



whose cPanel are you trying to get credentials to ?
Do you have permissions ?
What is your goal ?