Required mathematics

Hi all.
I just want to ask how much math i have to be expertise to be a hacker. I know C, C++ and Java languages (but i am more good in C++). I am also a moderate programmer like i have not very good but medium rating on online coding competition platforms (like Hackerearth, CodeChef etc.). i know major algorithms also ( like searching algos, sortings algos, BFS, DFS etc…). But i am not very good in mathematics due to which i am not able to handle complex stuff. I just want to ask atleast till which class (school level or engineering level) mathematics concepts should be cleared to be a hacker/good coder.

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Honestly, all you need is 9th grade math to write exploits and such. But if you want to do something math-intensive like cryptography, you’d have to do quite a bit of discrete mathematics like modular arithmetic or Galois fields. So don’t worry about math if you’re not ever going to do some heavy crypto.

In my pentesting experience, I use logic the most from mathematics subject and in my opinion this is the most important thing. Of course if you want really to understand cryptography which is also a part of pentesting, you have to be really good at maths.

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