Resources To Learn Everything Hacking Related

I’m sharing some material that will teach you almost everything about tech (programming, pentesting, security, networking, hardware etc.). The list will be updated as time goes.

MEGA Download Link

Feel free to reply to this topic with your own collection of tech related resources :smiley:

Additional Resources:
LOTS of Useful Data Index of /public/
ZSecurity Course Bundle 16.06 GB folder on MEGA
StationX Cybersecurity Course 11.46 GB folder on MEGA
eLearn Security Courses eLearn MEGA Download LInk
Lots Of Different Courses 829.58 GB folder on MEGA
Reverse Engineering and More 2.08 GB folder on MEGA
Linux Privilege Escalation 1.01 GB folder on MEGA

Repository of Computer Science Books Github Programming Books & MORE
Repository of Security Courses Github Security Courses
Repository of Cryptography Courses Github Cryptography Courses
The Pentest Book Github Link

Repository of Red Teaming Github Red Team

NOTE: Some links might contain material unrelated to the topic, some might have duplicates.


thanks for this mind bogling stuff

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You’re a legend for this finally the books I’ve been to broke to afford…


what … what are you?

some of the pdfs in the first link were corrupted … also came across some irrelevant once like an anime comic :smiley: but nonetheless thanks mate, much appreciated.

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Hello, I am a beginner person. I only have a phone now. Is it possible to access the Internet and track callers and access their contents properly? I am a beginner person and I need to learn this

great stuff thanks a lot man!!!

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