Reverse engineering - cheat sheet

In this article, I’ll post some Assembly to understand this article, you must know what asm is :slight_smile: here a cheat sheet if you got stuck.

MOV : copy

XCHG: Exchange

PUSH: Push onto stack

POP : Pop from stack

ADD : Add

SUB : Subtract

DIV : Divide

IDIV: Signed integer divide

MUL: Multiply

IMUL: Signed integer multiply

INC :  Increment

DEC : Decrement

SAL : Shift left

SAR : Shift right

ROL : Rotate left

ROR : Rotate right

NOT : Invert each bit

AND : Logical and

OR :   Logical or

XOR : Logical exclusive or

SHL : Shift logical left

SHR : Shift logical right

NOP : Not operation

INT : Interrupt

CALL: Call subroutine

JMP : Jump

JE :   Jump if equal

JZ :  Jump if zero

JCXZ:  Jump if not CX zero

JNE :  Jump if not equal

JNZ :  Jump if not zero

JECXZ:  Jump if ecx zero

RET :  Returne from subroutine

JA :  Jump if above

JAE :  Jump if above or equal

JB :   Jump if below

JBE : Jump if below or equal

JNA : Jump if not above

JNAE: Jump if not above or equal

JNB : Jump if not Below

JNBE: Jump if not below or equal

JC :      Jump if carry

JNC :  Jump if not carry

JG :    Jump if greater

JGE : Jump if greater or equal

JL :    Jump if less

JLE : Jump if less or equal

JNG : Jump if not greater

JNGE: Jump if not greater or equal

JNL :   Jump if not less

JNLE: Jump if not less or equal

JO :    Jump if overflow

JNO : Jump if not overflow

JS :    Jump if sgine

JNS : Jump if not sign


x86 Assembly Guide

The Art of Assembly Language


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