ReversingHero: Learn Reverse Engineering (x64)

Hi, I just finished creating the first iteration of ReversingHero challenge.
It can be found here:

ReversingHero a reverse engineering self learning kit (x86_64) wrapped inside one binary file. It is made of about 15 levels, with difficulty gradually increasing. There are no specific rules for solving the levels: everything is allowed.

There is also a set of videos containing hints and solutions for every level. The videos are currently being edited. Until they are ready, you can start taking a look at the binary (:



Only looked through the first 5 levels so far, but it’s quite a lot of fun!
Especially the 5th one was great (though it took me some time until I saw the actual solution, I spent way too much time fixing the swapping code itself trying to get the numbers to correctly add up).

Also motivates me to read through my hardcopy of xchg rax,rax again and see how much of it I remember :smiley:

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Pretty quick! Glad you liked it.


Thanks for this! Will be working on it this weekend! :smiley:

Hi, just wanted to update that the solution videos for ReversingHero are complete!
You can find them on