RFC: What makes a tutorial a tutorial?

Hi 0x00’ers!

Discussion on the IRC has posited this: There are tutorials, and then there are cheatsheets.

Cheatsheets provide basic information, a simple, short how-to.

Tutorials are significantly more in-depth, and they provide the why’s of a topic.

0x00sec is lucky enough to have both on this site. What we do want to know, however, is how to handle cheatsheets, since they aren’t really tutorials.

Should we do something about this?

  • We should separate them.
  • We have cheatsheets?
  • Keep it as is.

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The above poll is preliminary, and the site Leaders would greatly appreciate any comments/discussion below.

EDIT: The above assumes that both tutorials and cheatsheets are accurate with respect to their content.


This is my take. We should separate them; put them in the references subcategory. Since they are references.

That’s a good idea! The reference category might just be the place for them!

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