Scan to macines with firewall

Hi, I was able to get several VMs to do port scanning practices and vulnerabilities, some of them have well configured their firewalls, others not much and others have it disabled, when doing a scan with nmap their firewalls prevent me from correctly opting the data (I’m still a newbie in nmap) and when doing the vulnerability check the results are not displayed. (along with the machines it has a list of vulnerabilities present). You could help me by giving me advice and good practices to use correctly nmap and openvas please, I would be really grateful for the information. first I want to learn how to use the scanning and enumeration of vulnerabilities well to start learning how to use metasploit.

I’m doing a little more indepth learning on looking for vulnerabilites too. Whenever I get free time I’ll watch a tutorial video on youtube. Like anything you’ll find a collection of good and bad information and make your own methods fromo that. Practice, practice, practice.

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