Science that doesn't deal with computers


(Full Snack Developer) #1

Confession: I love science. I love blowing crap up. I love experimenting. Lately I’ve gotten into playing with home brewing and baking as a way to learn more about biology and chemistry. Yeast is fun. Sugar is interesting. Beer is good.

So 0x00, let me ask you: Do any of you have science hobbies outside CS/infosec/crypto?

(Command-Line Ninja) #2


Short answer. Not really. But I like messing with my car.

(Community & PR manager) #3

I remember trying to make a drug resistant Legionella strain. I boiled the infected water later though, without knowing if I have been successful or not.

If I have any outside CS hobbies? Well does electronics count?


(Full Snack Developer) #4

I’d say so. It’s marginally related but we’ll say it’s outside the realm of CS for this :wink:

(Community & PR manager) #5

Well other than electronics, I also like biology, especially virology and bacteriology.


(Command-Line Ninja) #6

In other words. If there is another black plague. GO TO BELGIUM FOR THE CURE.

(Community & PR manager) #7

I specialize more in the making than in the curing :wink: Although they’re kind of the same thing (a vaccine is basically a strain of the virus that can’t reproduce, thus giving your immune system a chance to develop antibodies).


( X2tf) #8

Then go to belgium for a vaccine :wink:

I like physics basically quantum one and you can find me failing to build hyperdrives

(Command-Line Ninja) #9

And allow the memory cells to learn it and know how to fight it.