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have been looking for Bind shell written in python and i found 2 scripts that look fine and the problem is that i dont know where to put my IP in both scripts in order to listen and get a connection… is the attacker (the question is where to put my IP) is the victim (the question is where to put my IP) --> -->

where to put my IP and PORT in order to get a conenction?

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An IP is the first argument to the program, the port is the second, and the password is third. Pay close attention to the last line of the first file…


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wait i don’t understand i i need to write my IP and PORT in both scripts( and
can u pls tell which line do i need to change to my IP and PORT line 15 it’s my own password( at script )
i need to put my IP and PORT in the script (where, which line) and


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In, you don’t put the IP anywhere. You pass it as a command-line argument. The port is set in, and you don’t need to leave your IP in


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Ok so i just need to run :
python (my IP) (PORT ) the password right?
i did it and every time i type this command in the terminal as root of course i got a massage from the script himself “Cannot Connect To Remote Host”

line 57 =


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not YOUR IP. The victim’s IP. You don’t actually need to know your IP.



Prior researches on google could have answered your question… I think that remedial courses about binding shell should help you to fully understand this topic. Lastly, avoid using tools / scripts that you don’t really understand … You don’t want to be a skid right ?

I’m sorry if it sounds harsh but this is mind-blowing. :anguished:



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Dude nothing of what u said not working did u try the script ?
because i tried everything and nothing …


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Completely agree. Another side effect is, when you don’t know that the script does, you could just have downloaded malware and run it by your own free will. Nothing worse than that.