Searching for a BBP parther

Hey im a 24y/o dude with about 2-2 and half years of experience in cyber security, mainly websec. Hit me up on IG: 0xgreyhound (most actvie) or “X”/Twitter @multisigman64 if in interested. If you’re new to the field i can help you out aswell to get started, maybe on some VDP programs or even BBP. But so you would have atleast some experience even if can mentor you some. I would like to hangout on ex Discord/TS talking while hunting, as i got my little “squad” already but most either want to hunt alone or dont want to talk on Discord or have their own studys or are in different topics like malware dev or reverse engineering etc etc. So im basically hunting alone atm and it gets abit boring.

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Yeah bro, don’t do discord or any other social media platform.

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Hey there friend,

Im a 30yo Male, with about 3-5 years of experience in cyber security, mainly websec(lol) Hit me up, my email is [email protected], Or xmpp is the same… Use XMPP im online most of the time.

I’m looking for a crew of friends to pentest with, Ive learned entirely on my own and from college

id love to team up with you guys and discuss and possibly work on some projects with you guys discord is: 44xo also have a small discord server with some people already on it

hey man just wanna let you know, I’ve started following you on twitter :raised_hands: