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Awesome idea!
I made some modifications, one recommendation is that don’t remove “subcategories” .

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Cheeky necrobump!

Loads of new stuff here, check it out!


A lot of very interesting stuff in this post. Thank you for the information. But why not make this a full fledged wiki and implement this into your platform? You wouldn’t even have to add it into the navbar. You could make it an init.

Again though, I like this. This looks like a beneficial reference.

W H O A, I had this open as a tab for later because I saw the last wiki that was put up here. Very cool.:smiley:

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Nice list of tools. Nice!

Really cool topic :smiley:
Added cutter to the list.

I was wondering which one of these All-In-One OS are preferred picks and what is liked about them.
I personally find that Parrot-sec and Samurai Web look interesting since i haven’t used them yet i cant really say anything about them though

I was wondering if it is OK if VM software is added to the list of tools?

AFAIK it’s a personal taste question that really pushes you towards one or the other “hacking distro”.
As an Arch user, I prefer Blackarch because I can install it’s repo on top of a fresh install, but I also use Kali when I don’t want logs.

ParrotSec is really user-friendly, Kali is designed as a live usb distro, and Blackarch has a lot of tools and WM.
I never used the other two.

Hey @pry0cc Bro,

Really so nice [Wiki]
Keep it up man
I am also contributing in this [Wiki] to make it more Richer & Better

Cheers :smile:

Dear Sir ,
If you don’t mind please make the 18th topic’s direct link of Mega , instead of Google Drive link.
it will be easy for download.
thank you.

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