Services & Tools [Wiki]

Hello, 0x00’ers!

@zSec gave us the idea to make a Wiki with working services for things such as email relays, SMS spoofing and the like. Feel free to edit this and add things you have tried and tested. The more we add in useful things, with a very quick way to access them, the more useful this page will become.

The type of information included here, should not be content for teaching new concepts, but something that you can use for reference once you know the techniques. An almost cheatsheet for Pentesters/Hackers. The little things that make you go: “what was that thing again?”

Remember that many hands make light work :slight_smile:

Table of Contents: →

  1. References
  2. Shells
  3. Recon
  4. Rootkits
  5. Exploitation
  6. BruteForcing
  7. Social Engineering
  8. Doxing
  9. Web Hacking
  10. Exploit Development
  11. WiFi Hacking
  12. Mobile Pentesting
  13. Bluetooth Hacking
  14. Anonymity
  15. Forensics
  16. Reverse Engineering
  17. All-In-One OS
  18. Malware Sample

1. References: →

2. Shells: →

3. Recon: →

4. Rootkits: →

5. Exploitation: →

6. Bruteforcing: →

7. Social Engineering: →

8. Doxing: →

9. Web Hacking: →

10. Exploit Development: →

11. Wi-Fi Hacking: →

12. Mobile Pentesting: →

13. Bluetooth Hacking: →

14. Anonymity: →

15. Forensics: →

16. Reverse Engineering: →

17. Operating Systems: →

18. Malware Samples: →

19. OSINT Framework: →


Why don’t we make this an actual wiki?


Click on green button on the top right. You should be able to edit it.

EDIT: I am afraid it would be largely unused - and, another account for people to have. Let’s see how this goes for now.


Awesome!! Now I finally don’t have to keep all of those bookmarks around. I’ll have to sort through and post some of them when I get the time.

EDIT: Sorry if I end up editing the wiki at the same time as someone else and accidentally over-write their changes!! (I check the previous edits after I submit my changes) If this happens, I will add back in the changes that you’ve made!

Again, Sorry, and I’m not doing it to be a d-bag lol. I’ve just got a lot of bookmarks.


Awesome idea to make a centralized place for all those nifty tools we might need or come in handy in different scenarios.
This will make our lifes a lot easier :smiley:

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Yes! This is awesome. Thank you!

Love it ! Good initiative !

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MAN. This page has exploded! There is so much here!

I think I am going to bookmark this now before I loose it…


It has exploded indeed!
I really like this overview. It can be extremely useful if one needs information or a tool for a specific purpose.
Imagine how this page might look in a year or so.
I’m going to add everything useful I can think of and know about!

I’m really happy that this idea worked out so well, thanks everyone :slight_smile:

just a FIY, skype resolvers don’t work anymore on recent skype versions. Microsoft patched it.


Yes, sadly.
Do you know any alternatives?

Just send them an IP grabber link using good old reliable SE.

I just added csploit to the list!

But if my target doesn’t know me they won’t just click at that link, unless they are pretty stupid.

This could be really useful in a blackbox pentest. Many companies use Skype for business. With that I could easily get the public IP of their internet outbreak.

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Are you sure ? I tried it 2 days ago before adding it to this list and it worked !

You are right, it is working again!
Sadly the target has to be online, otherwise it won’t work.
@Nitrax a year ago or so it wasn’t working anymore, haven’t checked it out since then. But apparently they update it.

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Still doesn’t work on my Skype and I have the most recent version of Skype.

Added Burner App to the SMS/Call spoofing

Where can i find android debugging tools?

What do we need to do to make that thing a real maintained Wiki?

I think that is something that is really needed around the pentesting environment.
I would propose something with explanation to the software and stuff just like Wikipedia Really.

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