Shaking Table; Raspberry || Arduino || ESP32 etc. which one?

I am a graduate student in Structural & Earthquake Engineering. My research area is vibration control. I mean structural control systems like active and passive damping systems.

I want to do a shaking table which takes the earthquake acceleration datas from a txt file.
Then it will shake the table with earhquake datas i mean it will animate the earthquake on the table.
This was the first stage.

At the second stage I want to contruct two miniatur buildings and put them on the shaking table.
The 1st building model has a passive damping system like seismic isolators.
The 2nd building model has an active damping system so i need sensors which is going to give me the displacements of storeys and this sensors will send the values to the computer. And computer algorithm will activate the controlling elements which will produce forces against the earthquake to make our building stand healthly.

So what do i need to use. Raspberry Pi or arduino or RaspPico or ESP32 oe ESP8266. Which one do you prefer?

I need to say that I know Python. Which libraries do you prefer.

Thanks for help.

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