Shell Lover: Reverse Shell cheat-sheet tool


(Dev) #1

Yoo guys, It’s Captain_M!dnight :cowboy_hat_face:
I have created tool called shell_lover that generates a reverse shell customized for your own needs.
I thinks this tool might help pentesters, red teaming operations, CTF players and more.
I have added many reverse shell types in different programming language like python, bash, powershell…etc to work in many platforms in many situations like compiled netcat without -e, shellshock vulnerability, bash built-in netcat…etc.



refrences that have helped :

(John Marston) #2

This is really neat! Prevents people from having to constantly go back and look up the syntax on pentestmonkey or some other site.

This could be extended by introducing options for obfuscating their reverse shell one-liner, should they intend on dropping this on disk

(EternalEclipse) #3

Instead of separate function for each payload, you could use an associative array (Behaves like python dict) to store all the commands and one function print_payload(name) to actually print it.

Using Python or some other modern script language will make the code a lot more readable and maintainable.

(Zain) #4

I second this!!!


–Techno Forg–

(m0rph) #5

Nice script! I’ve ported (most of) it to python for anyone that cares:

(Dev) #6

That’s perfect, i have shared it with my team :+1:

(Cawabunga) #7

Thanks buddy! Very nice idea.

I’ll definitely try this out. :owl: