Simulate another host on the network for anonymity

Greetings everyone,

I am currently working in a LAN network with a firewall /UTM.
I was wandering if it is possible to simulate another host on the network , meaning have the same IP , MAC, USERNAME ,HOST NAME all of that for reasons of being anonymously logged in the firewall.

The problem is the MAC i guess which we can’t doubled at the same time in the network.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Any suggestion so i can close this topic (get the idea out of my head :slight_smile: ) would be much appreciated!

It is possible to spoof a host but you will need to DoS the real host first or it will keep interfering (for example, sending TCP RST etc).

If you simply want new IP and MAC addresses, you can change it with ifconfig, or add a Virtual interface and make sure you bind to the right local IP address (ex. wget --bind-address= before connecting to route stuff through it. Another option is to use Network namespaces.

Get on the network with the same MAC and force an ip allocation (prefferable of one thatis not in use) do a nmap -sP over the entire lan or so then check arp -a

It should show you every mac address currently in use on the network, do this once a day for a week you are likely to find that their are one or two devices that was online and connected that no longer are, but which are still likely whitelisted.

Alternatively if you have physical access or ability to adjust routing tables and such, why not just sit you’re device in front of the box you want to clone, you can then use the external mac address bound to the lan(eth0) and then another network adapter running or handling routing for the target pc (eth1/route2/fips2)

mac address collision is only a problem when the same mac is in use on the same network segment, so anything that creates a segregated segment will work just fine

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