Site Suggestion : Help-Jobs section

Hey guys, this a diverse community of immensely skilled people. I’d like to suggest that the administrators create a brand-new category for paid partnerships, paid engagements, help requests and hiring roles.

I mean have you seen the job market these days :frowning:

This, in my opinion, will promote fresh development and enhance community members’ cooperation. I am aware that the moderators and admin staff will have a lot more work to do as a result of the increased number of posts.

Please let me know what you think of this idea.


Sounds like a pretty decent idea having a job board :smiley:

The only pain point I see is that it might need a bunch of moderation as forums like this one tend to get a lot of “Can you hack this person’s FB” kind of posts which might need to be filtered out somehow.

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My thoughts exactly. I think theres enough people willing to take on additional moderator roles if needed.

I’ll help in anyway that is needed I have a wide range of knowledge and understanding if the forum has any questions dm me

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