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Make the #wiki threads easier to see. I notice a lot of people re-post the same topics or the same material because they don’t see or understand how the #wiki section is used, or even that it exists.

That is all, thanks


Well ,

  1. Its up to the user to choose the right category (whether their post should be a wiki or not) , this take time for some people to get used to , and thats the reason only users of certain trusts levels can create and edit wikis .

  2. In case of reposting , its a users responsibility to search the forum for similar/existing topics .

  3. Those of us who have been here for some time can always point new users towards using wikis in a better manner.

What about an automod that directs people to the wiki? I’d rather not see this forum get flooded with ‘How do I hack’ posts and drown out the good threads.

The How do I hack? threads already get handled by the community via this v

I mean Discourse has always had a search feature that try’s to help users filter out threads that could be dups, but I feel like most of the users here unintentionally ignore the #wiki threads because they do not know they are there until told after they’ve already posted.

All I’m doing is opening a thread to propose possible solutions to the existence of duplication in materials on the forum. Unless that’s fine, then I’m fine with it being fine. I just like consolidation as part of the organization effort to make information easier to access.


As seen here a basic user has the permission to edit #wiki threads. The Trust Level 1 requirements are there for anti-spam measures. This isn’t a question of who can post what, this is a discussion about how to consolidate information before it becomes a problem. As of now it’s not an issue.

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Makes sense. Sorry for getting off topic, just don’t like seeing solid communities choked to death by petty criminals.

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