Sites that are shitty

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I have been spending a lot of time on the World Wide Web and I have stumbled upon a few ugly websites. The most ugly of them so far is Malware Wiki. This thread is mainly about us sharing and laughing and cringing at how ugly these sites are, both at the UI and at the source code level.


I recently came accross this site, Im still not sure what it is all about, but the UI reminds me of early 2000’s webpages.


I always regret it when I somehow end up on /r/hacking

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r/TOR is worse, but are amusing to read at times.

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GeoCities is what you’re looking for. Yahoo has taken it down, but a bunch of people, namely the Archive Team, managed to crawl, download and share it on TPB. If you don’t wanna download a 900GB Torrent and you’re just looking for some nostalgia, Google Images would probably be a good alternative.

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