Smartphone hacking

Is there any sort of hack that can be performed through android devices ?
for eg. wifi hacking or accessing devices in the same network

thanks in advance(i’m kinda new in here)

The answer depends on what version of Android you need to exploit, whether it’s patched, etc. Whether or not it’s on the same WiFi as you doesn’t matter so much if it’s running the latest version of Android with only stock apps (no vulnerable 3rd party apps). If you’re on the same WiFi, poke around with Wireshark to see what’s being broadcasted from the device. You might get lucky and notice it has some weird app installed that always expects to talk to a specific target at a specific hostname, so then you could man-in-the-middle.

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I am using a rooted android 5.1 with unlocked boot-loader, custom recovery, and Kali Net-hunter installed in it.

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