Social Engineering Toolkit. Inserting False Hyperlinks into the Body of an Email Using the Mass Emailler Feature?

I’m currently creating a tutorial for the basic usage of SET (Social Engineering Toolkit) for my university’s cyber security club and I’ve come across a question that I’ve had little to no luck finding the answer to. In the previous section of the tutorial, we used the website attack vector function to create a localized phishing ploy. The next step is to craft an email that tricks someone into clicking on a link that brings them back to our local IP address. I was hoping to integrate the two features and insert a fake hyperlink that reads something like “Totally Legit IT link” but actually hides a link to a different destination. Does anyone know if the mass emailer supports such a feature? If yes, how would i go about calling it.

Thanks in advance


Is HTML supported?

You could also step it up with a link.

Additionally, providing the last installment of your tutorial series would be helpful for scope.

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As I have come to learn, the program does indeed support HTML5. Thanks for the insight, I think I’m on the right track now.

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