Social media : The web insecurities

Human, Hacking the weakest link of an infrastructure

The web is a new world, reality and internet are two separate things.

On the internet , people feel safe behind their IP address and their computer and thought they have the right to Harass you or hack you without any consequenses.

Internet is a great place. We can share knowledge with other people, learn new skills everyday and more but Internet have a darkside too. We are not talking about Tor or the Darknet/Deepweb here.


Those place are known to be place where child pornography, weapon, ID Card are sell but Tor is a great tool for Hackers and people who care about Freedom of speech.

So what will I talk about here ?

Doxxing 101 : I want to be a Hacker

In 2015, in France we’ve had the first case of “Swatting” but what is swatting and why is it related to Doxxing ?

Swatting is the “Art” of calling the Swatt and accusing people of fake crime to mess with them, Teenager and jealous people are the one behind those “Attack”. Swatting is used agains Youtuber, and streamer

Swatting is possible because of the information about us on the Web.


All available source on the web can lead to a Swatting or Harrassment ( e.g : for money ).

Sadly ( or not) , we’re not Transhuman : We can’t install A.V or Malwarebyte on our brain ( maybe in the next few years who know ? )

But we can understand how human works and protect ourself and our data.

VPN, proxy and Tor : Is it the only thing I need ?

For some of you, the answer is clear : No.

VPN, Proxy or Tor ( or any hidden net i2p, ect … ) won’t protect you against doxxing and social engineering. We are the weakest link of the chain in an Infrastructure and as soon as we know that, we should pay attention to everything on the web.

VPN, Proxy and tor can hide your ip and hide your location. This is something great ( don’t throw VPN and all other tools they are great tools)

But what if you used your real name on the internet ?
What if your name is linked to some username ?

What can happen ?

Having a username, age, location, ip can lead to identy thief and more so be aware and learn to protect against doxxing

The first people you should Dox : You

What, Doxxing yourself what’s the point ?

The point is to see what a Hacker can find about you on the internet. Is your Internet life related too your real life ?

Google dorks and all search engine are your friends

Here some tips and tricks for you

The first thing to do is searching your real name on :

Google, bing , qwant , duckduckgo

everything and see what is related to you if you want to try “dissapear” of the internet : use everysearch engine and search about your name

For google you can use those famous google dorks :

to search anycontent relate to John doe

intext:"John Doe" 

Filter the result by extension ( any file about you on the web : pdf , xls ? )

intext:"John Doe" ext:pdf|xls|docx


intext:"John Doe" filetype:pdf|xls|docx

If you find a result who lead to your real location : Address of your house, Address of your Parents or familly you need to find a way to erase those informations or erase the content of the search result.

If you don’t mix your real identity with your internet life you’re good against doxxing.

Hope you enjoy this, if you have some tips and tricks you can comment on this post.


The site does a great job.
If you got an image of someone, and want to find out who it is, you might try your luck with TinEye.
I don’t remember anymore about this one, but found it in my “doxxing” folder. Has a lot of links.
Happy doxxing


Oh yeah and tinEye are great thank for sharing the link for doxxing this can be helpful :slight_smile:

This is fun. I’ve never heard of TinEye, nice share.

If I think about what the current teenager/young adult generation uses for social media this easily gets scary…
Facebook, snapchat, instagram, multiple messengers, dating shizzle, etc…
And everywhere you can find pictures, addresses, real names and more. You don’t need to be the NSA to track down people anymore…