Sockets Exploits

As I dive deeper into networking, I’ve been exploring ways to integrate it with C programming. After several hours of work, I was able to create a TCP chat application using the sockets library. Recently, I came across a podcast where a speaker discussed using socket exploits to perform actions such as opening a client’s CD/DVD tray. Although it was just a brief mention, I find this aspect of “exploit coding” fascinating and want to learn more.

Do you know of any resources that cover socket exploits? (Or anything related to networking exploits that could be done using C) As someone who is comfortable with C, I would like to stick to it while exploring this topic.

I have already completed some interesting projects using C and have a pretty knowledge about how network actually works, but I’m not sure exactly what to do with it and I’m excited to see what possibilities exploit coding may offer.

Hello @Anthhon, welcome to 0x00sec! Here are some sites that might meet your needs:

I hope that you find this helpful and will continue to post on this community!


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