[SOLVED] WiFi Pineapple Nano - Client Issues

I was wondering if anyone else here had a WiFi Pineapple?

I’ve been looking forward to getting one, it finally turned up. Everything went well with the firmware update and I’ve gone through a plethora of tutorials and videos on the first usage, but… I can’t add clients to the client module, it just stays blank, even after a refresh.

Also, the probe logging is a little hit and miss.

Has anyone else had problems like this? I’ve done a few factory resets, I’ve even tried the firmware update again but after following these instructions:

Next, follow these steps to access the recovery web interface and update the firmware.

Unplug the WiFi Pineapple completely from all power sources.
Begin holding the RESET button on the device.
With the RESET button held, power on the device.
Continue holding the RESET button for 10 seconds, then release.
NANO: The blue LED will remain solid
Connect the host PC to the WiFi Pineapple via the USB Ethernet Port
NANO: The male USB A plug
From the host PC, configure a static IP address on the WiFi Pineapple facing Ethernet interface to with netmask
For example, in Linux run ifconfig eth1 netmask up (where eth1 is the interface name of the WiFi Pineapple).
From the host PC, browse to
Click Choose File and select the factory firmware image downloaded above.
Click Update Firmware.
This process will take several minutes. Do not interrupt the power supply while the firmware is updating. Once complete, the WiFi Pineapple will restart.
Reset the WiFi Pineapple facing USB Ethernet interface back to DHCP or with netmask

When I change the ipconfig and try and connect to it auto loads my router device.

I’ve been trying to find something to help over on the official Hak5 forums but nothing.

You ever get that disappointing feeling when you really want something and then it really dissapoints! That’s me right now :frowning:

Panic over. Hak5 forum put me in contact with someone who could help! Few :slight_smile:

I will mark this as solved then. Please feel free to put the solution in the original post or make a new comment.

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