Some ideas for 0x00sec

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I am really excited after joining this community and I can add up to the spirit. These are some personal ideas I would like to share. Also I would like all the 0x00sec to include their ideas as well in this topic to make the community grow bigger…

Maybe we can have:

  1. An instant chat room where all the users logged in can directly chat on the website itself (please don’t suggest an IRC instead, I know what it is).
  2. An archive exclusive to the community members full of resources for beginners to advanced users.
  3. A separate section for the newbies to help the community grow and be beginner-friendly!
  4. The ability to make groups on the community so that information can be more centralized to relevant users (A professional coder wouldn’t love the site if the latest posts are full of “Beginners tutorial for C”).
  5. A hit counter, a sharing tab (to share posts on Google+,Facebook etc) and a list of live users with names.

I welcome any sorts of additions to the list.



1.) Might be looked into by @pry0cc.

2.) I believe that sections already accomplish this

3.) We already have that.

4.) Might again be looked into by @pry0cc.

5.) Adding sharing buttons also adds malicious code from G+ and Facebook to our site. But it might be open for discussion.

I hope I helped.


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(Okznokz) #3

Do you have any other idea for the site ?


(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #4

Thanks for these suggestions @okznokz!

For a chat room, we do have an IRC, but you can access it without a special client (if thats what you were worried about) at

We do have a section for community members, but it isn’t really developed. This might actually be a really excellent idea. I’m trying to keep this accessible to newbies & lurkers, where at the same time keeping the community close; I understand this is a difficult line to balance, but I will definitely look into these suggestions.

There are many posts to help newbies, but I’m not sure where we would incorporate a newbie section? Perhaps in the how-to category?.. I think this is already acomplished with categories.

I think we can always learn something from anybody, beginner posts aren’t that bad, but we can always navigate using the Categories section if we don’t want to see the newest posts or certain posts.

As for groups, I can see the idea, but we are a community, and not a segregation of little groups. Sure we have our high-level programmers, our low level guys, our social engineering lot; But in the end somewhere our roles and interests overlap. Sure we might favour one topic over another, but in this industry we need to able to learn and understand the rest.

As @anon79434934 has said, Google + Twitter hit counters can be a little malicious, however I wouldn’t be dead against it. At the moment if you click on the little chain/link icon, you get options to share to Twitter, Google+, Facebook + Email.

A list of live users might be an idea, however I don’t really see how much it’s needed with the IRC? We can of course look into these things; but I’m not sure how much of a difference a lot of these things will make on the users experience. We’re not trying to make a Facebook/G+ for Hacking and InfoSec. We’re trying to make a platform easy to share knowledge and solve problems.


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Thanks for posting.
I am wriiting a book about the site and my design opinions right now. Should be ready later. (Categories, design, color theory etc.) You want real pros,CEO/CTO’s, CISSP’s, ISO27001 deekheads, Coders etc.

  1. as for the freemium section…

Hit counter? 1990 much… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m random



Glad to have you on! I’ll look forward to meeting you on our IRC, or any other place on the internet where fellow 0x00-ers may happen to be!