Sources for a Good Amount of Programming Languages

Hey guys! Here’s a list of around 60+ sources I’ve gotten together for 10 programming languages. These sources will help you, so I recommend you check 'em out! If the link does not work please copy paste the address into your browser.








JAVA -(Not many)




Side Note: If any of the links do not work, please try to copy paste them into your browser manually. If they still do not work please contact me so I can edit them out.


Do not recommend The New Boston.

Also, some of these are not programming languages.

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  1. This post inspired me to add my own sources.

  2. TNB has a plethora of information on it. The only valid excuse I have seen for not using it is “I dislike the variable names.”

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Then you have not seen his C series nor have spoken with the people with who he has worked.

I’ll take a look at it. :slight_smile:
Book: Hacking The Art of Exploitation (explains pointers really well).
Book: The C Programming Language by K & R


Thanks mate :smiley: But I’m about to release something far bigger than this, I’m sure you’ll like.

If you’d like to extend that Java list, you could add this:

Thanks for the source mate!

Np :slight_smile: always glad to help

By the way I love your profile picture of the smiling face, always makes me laugh!

Java, Python, C#, Javscript…tutorials

Why is The New Boston supposed not to be recommended? I’ve learned quite a few on his tutorials on Python tho.

Use whichever tutorials you find work best for your style of learning.

Looking back, I believe Bucky was not always the best at explaining content, but his videos are still okay for understanding syntax and giving you some use cases.

I’ve looked through his C tutorials and he clearly has no idea what he’s doing. Despite many, many people pointing out the flaws in his code, he has not fixed them (the last time that I checked) while students learn his mistakes. Now, just because he has no idea what he’s doing for one language doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the same for all of the other languages (I know C has a bit more subtle intricacies than Python) but it certainly demonstrates his lack of care for providing incorrect information.

I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t watch his videos - you can learn however you wish. If I were to personally recommend anything, it would be from sources where the author is qualified to teach the material or at least has the credibility, i.e. textbooks, university courses, research papers/whitepapers, other people’s recommendations, etc. Of course, not everything can be learned though such ways, it’s not so black and white. But you should verify whatever you learn instead of taking it at face value. Would I recommend my own articles? Sure, but be skeptical of the information I provide.

tldr; based his C tutorials, I’m not confident in his ability to not teach incorrect information.

After a FOIA request earlier this year NSA released a PDF documenting one of their Python training courses. I’ve found it to be very useful maybe others will too.


I was hoping to see some Go resources on this list. I’m trying to find a decent resource.

the document has interesting topics for beginners i went through it.

nice one

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this books are also good