Spy Android app development

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I am currently working on a Spy Android app which will fetch user’s call logs, SMS, Whatsapp messages, and even i want to record calls (like listen on going call or record calls on server). I am begginner and i dont know much about Android development but still i am creating and trying hard to finish that. I am stuck at a point that how to get access to user’s whatsapp messages and store them on server. Further, i don’t know how to track user’s calls. I want to ask you all please suggest me some sources, functionalities any thing which will help me to fulfill my task. I am searching hard on internet but i not get any relevent information to fulfill my task. For whatsapp, i come to know that if we get mobile’s root access then we can get decryption key of encrypted whatsapp database from user’s phone but i know how to write a code to get android’s root access…Please help.


For a very basic functionality I would encourage you to focus on something simple, like an app that surreptitiously captures the screen and sends that to a server. Once you have that you can take additional functions one step at a time.


Hey, here is an andorid RAT I’ve found on github. You can look at it’s source code maybe it would help :wink:


Hi ,
You can see this link , https://github.com/D3VL/L3MON/ , it’s on open source .


great stuff, juicy stuff at github xD

Will you share your work later?

I agree that should start with something more simple app.

I can add from my experience.
Back in times, when I wanted to become android dev (now I’m PHP dev) I red a book (sorry, don’t remember name), where you walk through process step by step. In addition read Java: Complete reference (if you are using java not kotlin) and always keep android developer docs keep.
Android developer docs are just awesome.

I suggest to understand all about android. How things work. And only then try to “steal” things.

Clipping together code from stackoverflow or some random github repo’s won’t make a good app.

I hope You understand my point-of-view.
Best regards!

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Can this be used to access a android that you don’t have access to?

i think he is devloping apk file so its need an access for that phone either you use phishing link or here is a tool (https://github.com/AhMyth/AhMyth-Android-RAT) for that

i think the stuff part of your development is whatsapp mes.