Strategy for effective vulnerability research

I have been working on exploit development, and reverse engineering for a few months approx 1 year , and 2-month full time, but I have some doubts after gaining solid knowledge. I want to ask non-technical questions. for example, I am at the main function of adobe reader dc or Foxit, but what next? there are many blocks, and it is easy to get lost over it, and we won't reverse engineering all the product because it is endless, So the question is. how can one find vulnerabilities path or reverse specific blocks? I was thinking about fuzzing and only reverse the crash blocks, but the time I am waiting for a crash. I can use it for doing another kind of analysis. what would you recommend to me? I have been using tools so far like boofuzz, peachfuzz, and I have been using a bit winafl + dynamorio, google sanitizers, libfuzzer, and other tools.

cheers :smiley: :smiley:

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