Stream Movies like a Hacker

Hey! A very quick little tutorial here, (really not advanced at all), but may save you a tonne of time.

Big scary disclaimer: I don’t advise pirating blah blah, I cannot be held responsible for the billions of dollars of “theft” you do with this. Blah Blah. Don’t sue me.

Here’s the deal - You’re a “hacker”, you want to look really cool, and you want to watch a movie or TV Show ASAP. You can stream torrents extremely easily without ever leaving the terminal or paying for a damn Netflix/amazon prime subscription. Oh. And without getting your machine taken over by those pesky randsomwarez (Popcorn time though).

Step 1 - Install

(Install those)

Step 2 - Rejoice

pirate-get -C "peerflix %s --mpv" moviename

Here is a demo. (The mpv window will open with the movie playing), this whole process takes less than 10 seconds to get a working movie.



Danke! I will use this for research purposes. I am a movie scientist of course.


That’s very cool! Thanks for sharing :smiley:


Ay, nice! Much better than using the google dorks way. Heres the search term for research purposes.

Name of Movie -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle: index.of “last modified” (mp4|wma|aac|avi)


I don’t watch movies but nice post either way. Interesting indeed. :slight_smile:

You don’t watch movies? Really?

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Never seen this method before. That’s a good one, nice share!

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Really cool! :sunglasses:

I find movies boring except when lasers are involved and a giant furry teddy bears are giving you a hug. :stuck_out_tongue:

Confirmed. @Valentine is a furry.


I like this method and I’ll try it, but I’m incredibly lazy at times and just go to my reliable movie website. They have the new movies in HD a while after they come out.

Speaking of my research work, which one would you recommend? :smile:

I find this method easier in my opinion. I also dont get bombarded with adverts and crappy unresolved links.

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tried it , liked it a lot. Still not using it tho, because of the subtitles i would have to download separate.
Could just use pirate-get without peerflix, but after the downfall of torrent sites, i migrated to , which i find very minimalistic, and easy to use.

Couldn’t you just take a youtube link and just dump it into a file converter?

It all about torrent sreaming.
Youtube is a streaming service.

How to install all theses.
i cloned all these on my desktop but the command isnt working.

Install them… I believe peerflix is nodejs, so install nodejs and install it, and pirate-get is python, so install that with python. mpv is a package in your package manager. Google it! If you’re really struggling, join the IRC.

Kann agree with dir (seems like denglisch. It has been provoke by the “Danke”)

WTF. I can’t live in a world without any movies. Can’t agree but I will accept your oppinion.