Switching interests | HELP

Hello guys, I’m a 2D/3D graphic & motion designer
and I’m planning to switch interests and dive into the cyber-security field & Hacking
and also learning OSINT, actually I’m in need of a clear map for a learning path
At the moment I’m learning C as you recommended learning it first in your
website but still a bit confused what to learn next … Can you help me please :).
And how can I use my previous skills in the future ?.
Thank you in advance ;
(PS : Sorry for my English, it’s not my primary language.)

What do you want to learn?

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Cyber-security and some OSINT skills aswell :slight_smile:

Its very general -

here choose a topic from here and then be more specific

I found that bug bounty fits my interest !
But where to start ?

You can start by reading up on it on google and using the repo I gave you?


I’d recommend dabbling into a few avenues of cybersecurity until you find your niche. Me personally it took me 2 years to narrow my approach to malware analysis. I’ve started with network security then drifted into penetration testing and found out it wasn’t my cup of tea career wise. After that I dived in defensive security where I found out about incident response and malware analysis. If your learning C programming try building small programs and eventually graduate to creating tools that aid you in whatever field of choice you transition to such as OSINT or Penetration Testing while your learning the curriculum of that area. Also, it’s never too late to obtain proficiency in something new. Secondly, you can always utilize your skills as a 2D/3D graphic designer in the future because that’s your bread and butter.Your primary skill is always a great fallback if you need a stable source of income. In the cyber security field you kinda just pick up random knowledge from all avenues as time flys but overall it will aid you in any field you decide to create a niche in. You got this man. godspeed.

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