Test your decrypting skill's


if you can get the decrypted message ill pm you if it was correct or not if you can get the correct message well done your not bad at this this will be no easy encryption so have fun:)

the message will say what to do.
there are no end line’s.

link to file:


Direct Download to bypass popups =


Real MVP.



ok thnx i updated the link

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When some time has passed and most of the ones wanting to do this challenge have solved it or given up, could someone please to a writeup of how he tried to decrypt the file?

It would be a great case example and would help those, like me, who are new to the whole area of cryptography.

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Completely agree! This is a great idea. We don’t have a whole lot of cryptology, and I don’t really know much about it if I’m honest.

Although I guess you could call me 1337, I know rot13…


i made a “how to” before it will show you haw to decode it you just might not see it :slight_smile: yet


I might give it a go, if I get time to look at it


I haven’t really messed with cryptography before, but don’t we need some sort of encryption key in order to decrypt it?


yes and no i you can find out the key then you can find out the message:)

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@dedady157: we’d all appreciate your releasing of the algorithm used to “encrypt” this…

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Yes, what is the format used to encrypt?

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Hope you have a nice day.


Ah this reminds me of the old days! By the old days I mean when I was interested in cryptography 4 years ago. I very much remember how I created these wild encryptions thousands of digits long, and posted them on /r/puzzles - and anything else cryptography based. A good puzzle never hurts in my mind. Especially the large ones. I love those. Say if you all would like maybe I could post my latest “work”, which was fairly recent (2 weeks)- (I still do it for fun). It’s a mix of multiple encryptions, a little of my own. It’s around 5 thousand digits.

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