The 0x00Helpers

@pry0cc and @fraq recently announced that 0x00sec will be reformed. They did this in an internal thread in the VIP loungue. I am not the right person to explain it to the big public (the staff will do in the near future probably), but basically we want 0x00sec to be more varied instead of being solely about RE and pwning and also make it easier for newcomers to contribute.

I recently talked to the “less common” members on IRC and a lot of them actually want to contribute more content themselves but there are a few problems:

  • Their knowledge on a subject they want to write about is limited and they don’t know where to start with research.
  • They sometimes don’t know what they want to write about.
  • Not all of us are native English speakers (like myself), so they are insecure about making a post in English.

As a result, many newcomers refrain from posting anything to 0x00sec. I think instead we should be helping them.

The 0x00Helpers

The 0x00Helpers are basically common members like myself who are volunteering to help the newcomers contribute to 0x00sec. Here are some of the things you can ask us 0x00Helpers for help with:

  • English: perhaps you are from a country where English is not common and your understanding of the language is limited, Have no worries! You can send your article to one of the 0x00Helpers and we will correct where necessary.
  • Limited knowledge on the subject: one pillar that 0x00sec stands on is that we want to help those who are willing to learn. Are you interested in a topic, but don’t know where to start looking? The 0x00Helpers will give you a starting point from which you can start your research on your own. Then you can post your findings to 0x00sec!
  • You want to contribute, but don’t know what? One thing 0x00sec tries to do is to give everyone that wants to contribute a chance to do so. You can contact a 0x00Helper if you don’t know what topic would be useful for the community and we will see together if we can find something that suits your interests and skillset.
  • Your content is “noobish”: 0x00sec has always been unique for being more open to newcomers than other communities are. But we also have to keep up a standard. Generally speaking, Day 1 articles like “Metasploit for beginners” and “how to use Nmap” are not our main focus (although I have heard that they will still be allowed?). If you have any doubt if your article is too “noobish” for this site, give us a call, we’ll be happy to help you make it something better.

What we will NOT help you with:

  • Doing research for you. I think this goes without saying. We are happy to provide you with oars, but you’ll need to row the boat yourself!
  • Writing articles for you. Again goes without saying. We want to help you write content, but you’ll still write it yourself.
  • formatting. Not everyone is an English speaker, but there are already plenty of guides on here and on the Discourse wiki on how to correctly format your text. We are happy to explain it to you if you don’t completely understand, but you need to be the author of your own articles.

A final note to the admins and moderators

I think that getting volunteers who have been here for a while help the newcomers and noobs will be a big addition to this community.

  • It allows for 0x00sec to be more friendly towards newcomers and noobs without attracting a mass of script kiddies.
  • Because more authors are contributing we’ll get more varied content.
  • Newcomers will have an easier time “integrating” into 0x00sec because they are in personal contact with existing members.

Also, maybe you could make a group on the site made up of 0x00Helpers? It makes it easier for newcomers to find us.

The vote

Is this a good idea? Is this a bad idea? Cast your vote!

  • Good idea
  • Bad idea

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List of 0x00Helpers

If you are a newcomer and need help with one of the points I mentioned, you can contact one of the following members to help you. Preferably, talk to someone who has a similar skillset to what your topic is about.

Are you a regular member (or staff member) and wish to volunteer? Reply to this thread with the wish to help and I’ll add you to the list.


This is a cool idea, but it should not be called 0x00helpers, it should be called 0x00support or something…

As for whether nmap/noobish tutorials are allowed, they are tolerated but not encouraged. You’re free to post a detailed nmap tutorial, but if you aren’t doing anything more than documenting it’s usage, don’t be surprised if it does not do very well in terms of likes/comments.

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We can call it whatever we (you) want. The principle remains the same(?)

That makes perfect sense and that is the way it should be. ++

Yeah, this is a great idea with caveats. Let’s call this what it is: A mentorship program. I’d love to see labels by names that call people out as mentors who can help people with the things you mentioned such as suggesting topics, providing editorial assistance, etc.


I don’t really care how it is called, as long as the principle remains the same. Call it whatever suits 0x00sec. I came up with the name “0x00Helpers” because I had to give it some name.

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Yo, can you add me to the list of 0x00secHelpers?

I’m all for this idea so long that the quality isn’t degraded. One of the greatest features of this community is the balance between open-mindedness and content quality.

That said, sign me up as a computer science (set theory, etc.) contact. I like programming, RE, and stuff, but I’m far more comfortable tutoring/mentoring theory of computation (that’s what I do at Uni).


I’m interested as well. Sign me up!

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