The 0x00sec Code of Conduct

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0x00sec Guidelines

Core Principles

  • Actions have consequences.
  • You can learn anything from anyone.
  • Ask good questions, not lazy ones.
  • Everybody makes mistakes.
  • Freedom of information is a right.


When posting something on the forums, consider these points.

  • Will this be helpful to users other than myself?
  • If this is a question, would this be better suited for PM or IRC?
  • Is this, to my best ability, clear and readable? Would I publish this in a magazine?
  • Am I being constructive and polite?

Stuff that’ll get you banned on the forum:

  • Hateful, violent, or abusive language
  • Racism
  • Not Safe for Work Material
  • Continued ignorance of administrative guidance.

Stuff that may get your post unlisted or deleted:

  • Skid posts:
    • “Can I plz have hlp hacking my gfs facebook???”
    • “I run py scrit, and it not run prolly. Idk y. Can u help me??? Why dose it not run?”
    • “Wat is ?” Do your research before asking questions like this; and remember to ask questions respectfully.
  • Extremely poor spelling and/or grammar and no attempts at revision.
    • Nobody is perfect, but we assume you’re at least literate.
  • Extremely brief posts (with little context or explanation).
    • If you find a resource that you want to share, please post more than just “Found this. [LINK].”
  • Questions that are easy to Google/DDG.
    • If you are having problems finding a solution to a problem, first do your research or ask around on IRC. Only when you have done that should you make a post documenting what you know, what you have found, and what you are struggling to grasp.
    • Example: “How to Use X (to Hack Y)?” A question like this should only be asked when extensive research elsewhere is fruitless.
      • If you ask such a question, show your work. “I have looked at [link] and [link] and [stack overflow question] but I don’t see how to do what I’m trying accomplish.”
  • Narrow tutorials.
  • Try to avoid writing up tutorials with very specific use cases; generalize instead.
    • If your tutorial is very specific, it should teach something interesting that can have broader application. Example: “Cpython 3.4.3 memory management and garbage collection” is very specific. What is a broader application?
  • Example: “How to Use X to Hack Y” is very limited; “How to Use X” is better because it makes the topic useful to a larger audience.
    • Providing a tutorial on using tool X by demonstrating is best, if possible.
  • (Edit 08/Nov/2017): Memes that are non-technical, edgy, or inappropriate (including but not limited to NSFW, suicide references, racism, hate, and violence).


We all expect IRC to be a place for free, casual conversation, and so things such as advertising are not permitted. However, it is important to remember that not everyone shares your viewpoints or beliefs. Be polite and respectful of other people’s opinions.

We, the admins/mods, are not going to police the IRC; but, repeatedly spewing hateful and/or violent language or extreme racism will get you muted or banned. This includes public or private harassment, regardless of whether the target of the harassment is in the channel.

The IRC should be a safe environment and as such, any threats to maliciously hack or harm 0x00sec members or systems will result in permanent community-wide bans. Should we discover evidence of threats against the 0x00sec IRC Server or the Website, individuals will be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law possible.

Examples of chats that’ll get you banned:

<KnobHead>YOU ARE A \*\*\*\*, DIE!

<KnobHead>\*\*\*\* MY \*\*\*\* YOU mother\*\*\*\*er.

<0x01dewd> Chill man, whats up?

<KnobHead> YOU ARE ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE \*\*\*\*ers.

--- KnobHead was kicked from the channel ---

--- mode +b KnobHead ---


This section is by no means a complete privacy policy or terms of service; instead, it serves as a short list of a few things to remember.

Respect the privacy of others. We respect yours; and we expect reciprocation. Do not post any information belonging to other people without asking them first. Doing so may result in a network-wide ban or suspension. Never post IP addresses, physical addresses, or other important numbers: if you wouldn’t want yours out there, don’t put someone else’s.

This includes Doxing. If you dox a user, and post it on the IRC, expect to have a +b coming your way.

Illegal Stuff

We aren’t law enforcement and we would prefer not to be contacted by them. If you post data relating to hosts you’re attacking (e.g., IP addresses) or written evidence of crimes you may commit (illegal crimes with personally identifiable information), expect us to remove your post. All of this is under administrative discretion.

Our Responsibility

Administrators and channel operators are responsible for clarifying the standards of acceptable behavior and are expected to take appropriate and fair corrective action in response to any instances of unacceptable behavior.

Admins have the right and responsibility to remove, edit, or reject comments, commits, code, wiki edits, issues, and other contributions that are not aligned to this Code of Conduct, or to ban temporarily or permanently any contributor or member for other behaviors that they deem inappropriate, threatening, offensive, or harmful.

Responsible Disclosure

If you find a vulnerability anywhere in our systems, send an email to [email protected] or private message any administrator. We will reward people who help to make our network more secure. Those who do not responsibly disclose vulnerabilities and findings will be treated as if they are hostile attackers.

Misc. Notes

The 0x00sec Administration reserves the right to edit this Code at any time.

Involvement in any aspect of the 0x00sec Network means that you agree to


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