The Hackers EDC bag


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You could hire spiderman out. I’m sure he does kids parties and the odd red team engagment.


I like to have all little gadgets (: actually playing with Cactus WHID USB key, NodeMCU, BadUsb, Rubber ducky, Wifipineapple Nano, I’m waiting for my new RFID reader/writer soon :stuck_out_tongue:
Next time I’d like a HackRF one if santaclaus give me money

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i think you forget to add :laughing: guns and drone … and some servers from Amazon :wink: thank you about this post :slight_smile: and this is bag it’s dream any hacker .

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This thread contains so many useful gadgets, so much info… I’m bookmarking this

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Since some of us are teenagers earning $40 a week, there’s a backpack I just ordered that I think, serves my purposes:

Ok yes it isn’t as cool as:

but I can put anything in it that I need. Including but not limited to:

My zombie apocalypse battery pack:

My Raspberry Pi, my 15.6" Dell Laptop, Lock Picks (link is here), My wireless headphones, Screwdriver, My beautiful Arduino, etc.

(If this is necrobumping my apologies).

–Techno Forg–

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Hey everyone, I’ve got an addition for this! I figured that sometimes people wouldn’t be able to carry a raspberry pi around with them because that would make them seem quite odd and out of place, especially if you were in an engagement. Instead, you could carry around a tablet with Kali Nethunter installed! I recently received a Nexus 7 tablet for Christmas and went ahead and threw CyanogenMod & Nethunter on it. I gotta tell you, I’m absolutely loving it!

Here is the tablet I got (though I would actually recommend either the Nexus 10 or the OnePlus One phone)

EDIT: Also, due to the inability of being able to edit my original post, here is a new link to the Razer Tactical Pro Backpack because Razer decided it would be okay for them to update their website :joy: Happy Hacking!