The Hackers EDC bag

Hello fellow 0x00sec h4x0rz!! Today I’m coming to you with a discussion topic on EDC bags. An EDC bag is something that you carry with you every day, I.E, an 'E’very 'D’ay 'C’arry bag.

The Bag.

Alright, so, what’s an EDC bag without the bag part?! Personally, I don’t think you need an expensive, super high tech backpack…Now, with that said, I prefer the Razer tactical pro backpack ($159.99).

It’s got pockets for all your tech, and a main compartment for a laptop with room for more tech. :smile: Plus, there’s an underside compartment with a weather proof cover for the bag. I mean, built in weather proofing?! What’s not to love?

The stuff inside

Now that we have a bag, what on EARTH are we going to put inside of it?! Well, there’s a boatload of options, and honestly it all comes down to personal preference. Here’s a list of things that would go in my EDC bag:

Non-Destructive Entry:

  1. Lock picks and shims, because what’s a hacker without a little bit of non-destructive entry?! Very useful for when you get locked out of (or in) things. (Varies)

  2. An EDC Hall Pass from ACE Hackware. Need to get into a room without using picks or destroying your banking card or drivers license? This is your tool. Fits right on in your wallet too. ($10.00)

  3. The Proxmark3 RDV2 Kit for sniffing, reading, and cloning RFID tags. Useful for things like non-destructive entry and social engineering. ($300)

  4. Some T5557 RFID cards for your Proxmark3. ($30)


  1. At least two Alfa AWUS036NH WiFi adapters. Why two you ask? Well, for things such as rogue APs. You never know when you will have to try and catch someone doing illegal stuff on their network! ($39.99)

  2. A Yagi WiFi Antenna for when you need to access a network from afar. ($13.83)


  1. A small wireless keyboard like the Rii mini. ($17.99)

  2. A USB hub for when you need more usb ports [Don’t we always need that? Get 5 or 6 of these to be sure rofl]. ($5.49)

  3. A Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Who needs a laptop when you can have this?! But no, seriously, stick this in a building and netcat to it from home or build a portable hacking station with it [I plan on building mine into a silver briefcase :smile:]. (Around $30)

  4. An Arduino because everyone has one, and there’s so many uses for them. For example, need to get in your friends hotel room but dont kave a key? Do this. ($16.06)

  5. A Teensy because again, everyone has tone, and they’re insanely useful. As an example, here is Samy Kamkar’s USB Driveby tool that utilizes the Teensy device. ($19.80)

  6. A laptop. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out a reason as to why we would need something like this. :wink:

  7. A toolkit for fixing things, because sometimes things break in the most untimely situations. ($29.99)


  1. Literally anything from Hak5’s Hakshop. Like, seriously guys. They have some really cool gear. Notably, their field kits, LAN Turtle, and WiFi Pineapple. (Varies)

  2. A USB drive with Katana on it for a plug-n-play security suite. (Varies)

  3. Password Reset Key II, for recovering your lost windows password. Works on any version of windows from 95 and up. ($19.99) I got mine for $5 on amazon, so look around. Better prices will pop up.

  4. A high capacity power bank for your phone, Raspberry Pi, or Arduino. ($29.99)

I ALWAYS carry numbers 2 & 3 on a necklace, as I use them quite frequently.

That’s all folks!

Now, I’m sure I forgot some things that you guys may feel is necessary and 100% not optional to have in an EDC bag. Things like an SDR dongle or heatsinks. But the reality is that more often than not, I don’t need those things. Although when I do, I bring them along. Remember, this is supposed to be an Every Day Carry bag!

Keep in mind, this is simply what I would put in my EDC bag. This isn’t a catch-all list and it’s meant to prompt ideas for your bag, not for you to duplicate. (Although you very well may if you so wish)

Discussion questions:

  1. What are some things you would put in your EDC that aren’t on this list?

  2. Do you have an EDC bag already?

  3. Are you enjoying your time here at 0x00sec?


Wow, this is a great post !


1.) Combat knife, tomahawk, flashbangs, pistol or if possible a SMG, and other lethal CQC weaponry. Just in case the “non destructive” tactic fails. Seriously though, if you get discovered in your stealth, do you submit to arrest immediately when you know you were absolutely in the wrong? OF COURSE NOT! You stand your ground and fight to the last breath!

2.) Nope. I do however carry a knife with me at all times (not sure if that counts?).

3.) Wish I could be more active, but life is getting in the way. I might have to leave soon. :sweat:

Oh and I ran a few calculations. @VVid0w’s setup here costs 1639.35 dollars (average). Consider making some things yourself (like the lock picks) in order to save :wink:



I have always been interested in RFID and been wanting to make a copy device myself, but now i see how much the proxmark only costs, i think i’m gonna give my soldering a pass


Good job!
I wish I had the money to just buy everything and have it ready right now.

This also could easily develop to a whole series of articles. “The hackers Lab” and so, where essentials to have or must needs are presented. Keep it up!

  1. Since you basically have covered everything IT-related I had in mind, I guess that you can’t go wrong with a few real combat items such as a 9mm(as long as it’s legal ofc haha) or a knife.

  2. No not really, I really like travelling light. I just hate the idea of having a big bag on my back. Even though it might prove useful at times, it’s just not practical for me. The heaviest thing I ever carried once was a necklace with like 3 usb boards on it and a chromebook.

  3. Yeah I really do. Reading all these posts(or papers as some people call it) is a huge eye opener, I never knew things can go as deep as some posts have described. I am really looking forward to contributing to this community once I’m done with my board exams. :slight_smile:


@M4lk4w1 If you’re going to infiltrate somewhere you’re already doing illegal things, so I doubt if you’d really care that a 9mm is illegal or not :stuck_out_tongue:



Oh I see, we’re infiltrating highly secured locations. Well, in that case, you might want to get a suppressor for your 9mm, you really don’t want to draw a lot of unwanted attention if things don’t go according to plan. You might also want to get some climbing gear(hooks, ropes and carabiners), you know, for those mission impossible infiltration scenarios. OR, you social engineer your way to your target. However in that case, I believe that carrying a bag full of spec ops-level gear might raise a few red flags. :wink:


Yeaaa, I’m not much of a penny pincher rofl.

@ricksanchez I do agree, it would be nice to do a series like that, and I think that I will once I…er…get a job. Hahaha.

@VVid0w haha I would do one too but we’re in the same situation. I could just afford a few hardware pieces over the next couple of months. So my article would be published in 2018 … :smiley:


This is an awesome post. I love little gadgets, they make great gifts and can be so cool.

I personally don’t have an EDC bag simply because I can’t afford one :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I’d love for my dream EDC bag is a modification of my existing raspberry pi folder

I’d put another network card to make a network, and the current Alfa to crack wifi (that way I can SSH from my phone over wifi to control it).

As a compliment I would have an auto cracking rig at home with rainbow tables for WPA handshakes and 8 GPUs. I would just upload the hashes or email them and it will send me the result in an email.

  • I would also get another Konboot stick, I managed to loose my old one. Also hardware keyloggers would be a life saver. Never underestimate the power of physical access.
  • LAN turtles are awesome as well. Those are insanely badass.
  • A bug detection device would be handy too, to know when you’re being spied on
  • A power pack is a must have, probably get a massive one with an inverter to charge my laptop.
  • A script on my Pi to scramble wifi.
  • A GPS chip for war driving/walking would be useful.

That would be my dream EDC bag. I am looking forward to reading everybody elses!

- pry0cc


You had a necklace with a Chromebook on it? Wow you are hardcore.


Hahaha of course not. It’s a 13-inch Chromebook not an Arduino nano.


An inverter is not needed, most laptop chargers work on DC as well because of full-bridge rectifying, so just a little voltage regulating will suffice. Also, inverters always get hot af!


Voila! You are right. I would need to make a custom cable for my Mac charger then… Doable right?


take two paperclips, plug one end into the powerbank’s usb port and the other into laptop. should not explode into flames too quickly


Yes and it’ll only cost about 10 dollars to make. An inverter is 10x that price and 100x the heat. Don’t do it!


@Joe_Schmoe It won’t be that spectacular because powerbanks have quite a large internal resistance that limits the current flow. My simple power bank can push 7A max because of the limit when shorted. Not to say you should do it, but it won’t be that spectacular.


If you can get the 7A over DC and get it to ark, it could result in something quite spectacular.

@pry0cc You call that spectacular?