What is your Dream setup?

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Hello Fellow Nullers!

I was thinking about @VVid0w’s discussion on EDC bags, and thought, we know what we’d want for a mobile, EDC setup, but what about our home/office setups?

Today I am asking you what would your favourite setup be if money was no object, you can go as ridiculous as you can :stuck_out_tongue:

But first, I will share with you dream setup :slight_smile:

The Battlestation

First off, I would have to have an awesome desk. Something big enough for my mass of monitors. For this I’ve picked the Ikea Linnmon

Then for monitors, I would have 6, yes 6, Acer G246HL 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitors secured with 6 of these babies

For a keyboard I’d have to go with a Ducky Shiny 6 with cherry mx blue switches; partly because it just looks awesome, but also the LED’s will be dope in my dark room :stuck_out_tongue:

For mouse, it has to be the Logitech Proteus Core G502

For the most important bit (the box), I would have something nearly identical to the setup of @anon79434934. He has tried and tested it, and it’s a killer machine.

For the second most important bit. I would have 10 of these Dell PowerEdge R610 rack servers, throw it in a rack.

The specs are as follows:

  • 2x Xeon X5650 2.66GHz Six Core Processor
  • 64GB Memory,
  • 6x 2.5" Hard Drive Trays with Screws

I’d also build myself a killer password cracking rig.

EDIT: I am currently using a HP Proliant Microserver for my homeserver, and it makes a great little rig as a NAS.

What is your dream setup?

I am pretty excited to hear about your dream setups, how you would do it and what you would include! Please share :slight_smile:

A dopo

- pry0cc


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I definitely agree with you on the mouse, but I really like my CODE keyboard and I have two of those Acer’s in 23". But I’d step it up to 4k instead of 1080p and only do 2 main monitors, maybe a third.

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As far as the amount of monitors: 3 is enough, believe me. At my work i sit in front of 4 monitors all the time, and most of the time neglecting the 4th one, because it’s too far.

I’m a laptop guy (this one looks pretty nice). My next one would have to have LED keys which i don’t have right now. That’s actually just all i’d want, of course with a mandatory duvel beer next to me (off topic).

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The other 3 can be above your three monitor setup. (having all your monitoring apps like htop, iotop, and powertop running there would be dope)

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You could autostart them with tmuxinator! I have my monitoring apps in a tmux window, although it’s just one workspace. A separate monitor with just monitoring would be cool.

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@SmartOne For a home server, I am using the HP Proliant Microserver and it works really well.

It has hot-swappable bays and all sorts. It is also insanely quiet, I run it in my room. I personally run Open Media Vault on it and it runs lovely, with a web-gui. It’s like heaven in a box.

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