The Malicious Park is Open!


Here’s all the malware I’ve been collecting from my honeypot.
Enjoy the Park!

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Awesome project brother and some Tyrannosaurus (with proto feathers) love too. Nice


Thanks @maderas! Trying to share the wealth. Pay it forward. :slight_smile:


Sweet github of malicious things. I have been thinking of setting up malware zoo that has bit more infrastructure such as automated submission to a sandbox and other analysis tools. Do you guys have some thoughts?

I have been exploring this idea:

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@FinFlag : this could be a great project for 0x00sec (looks @pry0cc).

@REal0day : nice post, I will definitely look into this stuff and will RE the hell out of it… I assuming most of these are for Windows and adware or a RAT?


I actually have most this code setup!
I’ll make a post on this as well.

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