The Networking Series: Introduction


Hi ! Today I wanted to talk about how networks work. This is probably the first Tutorial of a Networking series.

A lot of people on 0x00sec are good and have decent knowledge ( Programming, Social engineering or Networking ). This series is intended to Newbies and people who want to expand their knowledge in Networking.

What will I learn ?

Before you and your Hacktivist Group named Fr1end become great hackers and control the world, you have to understand how computer communicate.

In this series, I hope I can bring you some information about TCP/IP OSI Model and more. You’ll see that networking is really cool. Since we’re all interested in Hacking, we will talk about Networking with a Hacker mind.

Here some example of how the Tutorials will be :

  • The ARP Tutorial will talk about how the protocol works. I will cover the Man in the middle attack ( Still effective today against weak protocol : HTTP , Telnet and all unencrypt protocol ) the hard way : forging packet with packet with scapy or/and Raw socket.

  • The How to about Firewall will talk about the pro and cons of some configuration and how to evade firewall.

Keep in mind that all Tutorial won’t be writen this way. Some of them will only cover theory.

#Content of the course
Here is the outline of the Series, if you need a specific tutorial just click on the link below. This post will be update everytime.

  • Physical topology and logical topology
  • What are these devices ? Router, Switch, Computer , Hub
  • How computer talk to each other ? Arp protocol
  • Weakness of the Arp protocol
  • TCP/IP and the OSI Model
  • Weakness of the TCP/IP Protocol
  • You shall not pass : Basic understanding of Firewall, the world of (in)security

Hope you’ll be here for the First Tutorial :slight_smile:

Stay safe and Hack back.

~ L3akM3-0Day



Great initiative mate ! However, did you planned to talk about other protocols than ARP ? Indeed, according to your configuration (LAN / WIFI), several protocols are used e.g. Aloha, CSMA/CA-CD, bitmap protocol, MACAW, etc.




Yeah Maybe, and if someone know something that I didn’t know. This can be great to do a collab.

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Awesome! This is gonna be really cool! I’m glad you are catering to a more new audience :slight_smile: good job!

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This is awesome! I myself don’t know networking as much as I would like- can’t wait for the first article!

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Sweet! This stuff is super important.



Nice, I will definitely be reading this.


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