The right path T

Hey Gents again

Think maybe i was jumping in a little to fast (you to was once excited ) that’s why my mate/mentor gets a little pIXXed with me i tell him his brain processes much faster i’m still at celeron stage bare with me Mr i7.

I have been playing with linux on off for some time i know a little. Ive been up for nearly 3 days now studding works effected and the most dangerous part the GF is not pleased lol .

I understand a few things i didn’t before. e.g DNS, still not fully but i understand what they do (thought i was a gen)

I know i will need to learn a language been studding python only understand variables and stings still a long way.

I would like to know how things work not some one else do the work but also dont want to waste my time learning things i may not need.

I’m trying to go down the pen testing route would like to learn venerability’s and how to defend against them

so guys you done me well so far ive set up my box its a little secure

i need to learn about ports (done a little) but i have a firewall up that blocks all incoming trafic and configured my browser plus proxy-chains.

I have done my own mobile hot spot it took me 5 mins that tought me to have a better pass. could not take the smile off my face thought i was a real expert then came back down to earth.

I’m at my station waiting think i might have to see the doctor i just cant put this dam laptop down.

And im not no kid or script kid even that there is nothing wrong with neither we were all once kids and script has there place too.

Where should i start, what should i learn first


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